17 Beautiful Container Garden Flowers For Summer Pots

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Flowers for container gardening are a must-have for outdoor summer planters. This list of the best flowers for container gardening has plenty of possibilities whether you’re wanting to fill hanging baskets, window boxes, tiny or large pots.

Picking flowers for your summer container gardens is one of the most enjoyable things to do in the spring. But how do you know which options are the best when there are so many?

That is precisely why I compiled this list. My top recommendations for the best flowers for container gardening are listed below.

I’ll also give you some pointers on how to pick the best ones for your situation. Choosing the optimum sizes, colors, and combinations, for example.


Here are some recommendations for the best flowers for container gardening. You’ll be able to select the ones that would look beautiful in any planter you have with them.

  • Size in proportion – Use variety that, when completely grown, will be proportionate to the container. Too much height can make them appear awkward or cluttered. They’ll look comical if they’re too low, may struggle to establish themselves, and may not entirely fill the pot by the end of the summer.
  • Exposure to the sun – Make sure you know how much sunlight they’ll receive that you get the right ones for the project. Putting those who like shade in the full sun, for example, will only lead to dissatisfaction.
  • Colors that complement each other – You don’t want anything to mismatch or be too gaudy, so choose flowers that compliment or suit the pot as well as the other flowers you’ll be using.
  • Less is more in this case – Don’t go overboard with the number of various types you utilize in one planter. It will appear crowded or overgrown, and once pot-bound, they will struggle throughout the hot summer months.
  • Similar care – If you’re going to mix several types of flowers in the same container garden, make sure they all receive similar care. Combining moisture enthusiasts with people who like dry soil, for example, will only result in frustration.


My picks for the finest flowers for container gardening are listed below. These are a few of my favorites, and they look great on their own or in combination with others.

Glance through the list and select the ones you wish to use in your summer planters and pots this year.


Geraniums are one of the most popular container garden flowers, with a vast variety of variations. They’ve become so popular that some individuals believe they’ve gone too far.

But these days, they come with some wonderful foliage that makes them seem beautiful even when they aren’t flowering — so who can say no?

They bloom from late spring to early summer and grow to reach between 12 and 18 inches tall. Place them in a sunny location, and they’ll provide you with continuous color throughout the season.


Gladiolus thrive in large planters and mixed container gardens, with their long flower spikes and bright blooms.

They adore the heat and require direct sunlight. Which variety you have determines how tall they grow. Some are only 6″ tall, while others can grow to be 3′ tall.

The best thing is that if you live in a cold region, you can save money by overwintering the bulbs and reusing them year after year.


Pansies are popular flowers to use in winter and early spring container gardening because of their cold resistance. The majority of them have several colors on their petals.

They come in a variety of colors, including dark red, orange, pale yellow, light blue, and even purple. They’re ideal for shallow bowls or mixed plantings because they’re only 6-12″ tall.

By the middle of the summer, they are usually burned out. Once the weather heats up, keep them out of direct sunlight to extend their life.


Dianthus is another one of my favorites, and it comes in a variety of colors and designs. Some petals are solid, while others feature streaks or rings.

They do best in zones 6-9. They appreciate full sun. They are a fantastic filler for any mixed planter because they don’t grow very tall, usually reaching 6-12″.


Dwarf zinnias are popular flowers used in container gardening because they stay small and have layers of petals that appear like pom poms.

Unlike their larger relatives, these only reach a height of 18-36 inches. They come in a variety of colors, including pink, orange, yellow, red, and white.

These vibrant annuals thrive in the heat and sun and thrive in practically any environment.


Pot carnations are known for their brilliant blossoms, and they look just as good in a planter by themselves as they do when mixed with others.

These adorable miniature flowers are specifically bred for container gardening and only grow to be 12-18 inches tall. They require full light and flower from late spring to early autumn.


Bidens, also known as Peter’s Gold Carpet, have five yellow petals. They are ideal for outdoor pots and planters because they are drought tolerant and stay small (around 12-18″).

From late summer to early winter, the fragrant blossoms open on a regular basis. They enjoy warm weather and need to be in a sunny environment.


Lobelias are a great choice if you like blues and purples. They make up for their lack of height with fullness.

These wonderful container garden blooms are usually only 6″ tall and have a spreading tendency. Because they will pour over the top of the pot, they are ideal for hanging baskets.


Calicachoas, often known as million bells, resemble miniature petunias. These little blooms look lovely on their own in window boxes and hanging baskets, or as spillers in mixed container gardens.

They need full sun to fill out and will grow to be 6-12″ tall. They’re also available in a variety of colors, ranging from dark reds to bright yellows, as well as orange, purple, and white.

10. MUMS


Mums, commonly known as chrysanthemums, are a good choice if you want to make a statement. They’re widely used in fall planters since they bloom late and can withstand frost.

They prefer full sun but will tolerate partial shade. They’ll fill any container nicely because they grow to be approximately 18-24″ tall.


Celosia is a great container gardening flower that gives shape and dimension (aka cockscomb).

Some feature flame-like cone-shaped spikes in bright yellow, red, and orange. Others, on the other hand, have a more rounded form with fascinating patterns that remind me of coral.

The plush velvet flowers of these annuals thrive in a variety of climes. They usually reach a height of 6-12″ and require full sun.


Snapdragons, also known as antirrhinums, feature tall spikes covered in blooms. They come in a variety of colours, the most common of which are red, orange, yellow, lavender, and near-white.

The stems will reach 12-18″ when provided a full day of sunshine. If you want to fill your outside pots from early spring through late October, this frost-tolerant annual is great.


The dahlia is one of the most decorative container flowers on this list. There are a wide range of options. Some feature small 2-inch pom poms, while others have huge 15-inch-wide “dinner plate” flowers.

Purple, pink, yellow, and white are the most prevalent. They will grow to be 3-4′ tall and want to be in full sun. You can also dig out the tubers, preserve them for the winter, and replant them in the spring.


Lady’s Eardrops is one of the most unusual nicknames for this fuschia. Their name isn’t the only thing that makes them stand out; their long stamens protrude from the vibrant purple, white, and pink petals.

Hanging baskets are the most classic method for them, but they can also be used as spillers in mixed plantings. They don’t enjoy the heat, so put them somewhere that will provide some shade to keep them cool.


Gerber daisies are another flower that thrives in pots and container gardens. They are available in almost any colour you can imagine. Pink, red, orange, and yellow are the most common colours.

Warm weather and full sun are ideal for these cheerful plantings, which bloom on a regular basis. The majority of variants will grow to be 6-12 inches tall, however others will grow to be 18 inches tall.


Verbenas are popular in outdoor pots because of their solid or bicolor blossoms that bloom from mid-summer to late-fall.

They make fantastic thrillers in a mixed planter and are equally dramatic on their own because they are fairly tall (3-4′). They like full sun, although they can also thrive in dappled or partial shade.


Alyssum has a delicate aroma and is known for its little buds. This charming annual is drought tolerant, making it ideal for summer pots in hot climates.

It’s a short plant, only growing 6″ at most, and prefers full light. The small flowers form poofs on long stalks that spill over the tops of pots, window boxes, and hanging baskets.

With any of these container gardening flowers, you can’t go wrong. Choosing any of them will result in wonderful summer planters, whether you wish to create beautiful combinations or keep them in their individual pots.